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XPRT Eagle
   The XPRT Eagle Temperature Defrost Controller (XE-TD8) is a compact, easy to use stand-alone controller that incorporates a complete defrost control logic set. Precise temperature / time termination, circuit temperature control, defrost inhibit and pull down with alarm override are standard features.
  The XE-TD8 can control up to eight refrigeration circuits each with separate defrost and temperature control output relays. It can be combined with the XE-CDF, XE-TD8, XE-CM and XE-MB to form an integrated control package for a parallel compressor refrigeration rack. The XE-TD8 also functions as a general purpose device for control of applications such as sub cooling, hot water heaters, motor room exhaust fans.
  The XE-TD8 has the standard smart board foot print so it can be mounted in a case kick rail reducing the temperature sensors installation costs. The XE-TD8 also interfaces with all Altech datacom interfaces.
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