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XPRT Eagle
   The XPRT Eagle Environmental Controller (XE-EVC) controls a multi-stage heating and cooling system. General purpose functions for control of subcooling, hot water heater, motor room fans, and more. It includes reheat and dehumidification, as well as high and low fan speeds.
  The XE-EVC software is designed to provide many benefits. The XE-EVC prevents overcooling in the event of a heater failure by selecting how low a temperature is allowed to be during operations. It allows use of heat reclaim for heating rather than booster heat. Limits which AC units are used for dehumidification allowing for energy savings and equipment longevity. The XE-EVC can be easily customized to each store needs by using either humidity or dew point for store dehumidification control. The controller has the ability to change setpoints based on electrical demand and integration with Real TIme Pricing strategies making the controller very cost effective.
  As with the entire XPRT Eagle line, you can buy what you need now knowing that you can easily upgrade in the future.
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